Insight to Action

Women's Summit

12 October 2015

I had the unique pleasure of attending the Inc. Women’s Summit “Own the Future” in NYC on October 1, 2015. Women entrepreneurs shared their insights, successes and failures alike, on how they learned and advanced their businesses. I was particularly interested in the family connections involved in startups (often male relatives such as brothers and husbands) and the different financing opportunities available to women entrepreneurs.

The panel of millennials reinforced for me that aspirations today are not that different, but that the choices the younger generations have to make to execute on them have changed. My generation and theirs want the same things: to make an impact on the world, to do meaningful and purposeful work, to have the flexibility to manage competing interests and demands on our lives. Technology enabled work affords greater opportunities – perhaps also greater demands – on which to make it happen. The day made it feel like anything is possible – and I was able to meet some very interesting women business owners from across the country. Indeed, a fine day well spent.