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Don't Overlook the Value of Good Health Plan Governance

14 December 2016

Our work with self-funded health plan sponsors striving to control costs and improve member health often reveals commonly overlooked factors that can have a big impact. This is especially true for healthcare systems where the organization’s business strategy overlaps with health plan objectives. For example, our experience has shown that establishing a broad-based governing body that includes key stakeholders who are driving towards value based care is critical to achieving alignment and driving results.

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​When Pain (and the MRI) Lies

9 February 2016

We hear a lot about "unnecessary care" driving health costs, but how do we judge what is unnecessary? Although it's common to focus on people reporting symptoms, another way to do it is to study what healthy people look like, so we can establish what "normal" is. A recent study published in the American Journal of Neuroradiology showed that "normal" (asymptomatic) adults with no reported back pain nevertheless have a high prevalence of related abnormalities visible in their MRIs. The same herniated disc "requiring" surgery in one patient could be a painless, normal feature of aging in another patient.

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