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Want to Improve Population Management? Make Sure Your Health Plan is Aligned with Your Strategy

26 January 2017

Implementing a care management program designed to promote healthy (and cost-effective) member choices can make a real impact on healthcare utilization and costs. But is your self-funded plan optimized to support these efforts? If not, your care management strategy could fall short of its goals. Cammack Health was privileged to work with Montefiore Health System of New York on a comprehensive program focused on moving employee health and cost trends in a positive direction.

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Don't Overlook the Value of Good Health Plan Governance

14 December 2016

Our work with self-funded health plan sponsors striving to control costs and improve member health often reveals commonly overlooked factors that can have a big impact. This is especially true for healthcare systems where the organization’s business strategy overlaps with health plan objectives. For example, our experience has shown that establishing a broad-based governing body that includes key stakeholders who are driving towards value based care is critical to achieving alignment and driving results.

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Wearing Two Hats: Maintaining Privacy When the Employer is the Provider

10 November 2016

In an effort to contain costs, a growing number of self-insured healthcare employers are implementing medical management programs to target outreach to high-risk members. Some have decided to manage their program internally, posing a critical question: When the employer and the provider are one in the same, what’s the best way to assure employees their protected health information (PHI) is protected and kept private?HIPAA draws a clear distinction between health plan and employer when it comes to PHI: the plan may have access to PHI, the employer may not.

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