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Unpacking the Survey: Hospitals are Getting Creative with Contributions

7 September 2016

In the olden days (before the PPACA), employers could charge whatever they wanted for health care coverage with certain common sense limitations. For example, you couldn’t charge more than coverage was worth, and you didn’t want to charge so much that only the sickest people took your plan (avoiding “adverse selection”). With the arrival of the PPACA, there are now rules around what you can charge if you want to claim that your plan is “affordable”.

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Surveying the Future: Releasing Our Tenth Annual Benefits Survey of Hospitals

18 August 2015

This week, participants in Cammack Health's Benefits Survey of Hospitals are receiving their copies of the final report. With over 160 hospitals represented across 89 health systems in seven states, the survey has grown considerably from its humble beginnings ten years ago. This year, the impending Cadillac tax is the troubling specter on the horizon of healthcare reform.

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