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Unpacking The Survey: Paid Time Off — The Bucket Trend

28 September 2016

As health systems look for new sources of efficiency in their employee benefits strategies, many are looking at where they can also create positive incentives for employees.

Take the example of paid time off (PTO). Traditionally, employees are allocated a fixed number of sick days, personal days, vacation days, and so on. But the 2016 Cammack Health Benefits Survey of Hospitals reveals an interesting departure from the status quo.

According to our survey of 140 hospitals across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, 49% of respondents are now offering PTO as a single “bucket” of time. What’s the impact of this? Certainly it provides employees greater flexibility in how they use their PTO. But might it also create an incentive not to take a sick day simply to avoid losing it? Such a change in the way employees view—and value—time off could lead to a positive, long-term impact on their overall health and productivity.

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